The Steps Involved in an Alcohol Detox

The steps needed to detox from alcohol are important to know if you are considering stopping drinking. Maybe you are reaching a point where the alcohol is taking up more of your life than you want it to. You may have just considered the calorie implications of all that booze and you have decided enough is enough. The most important thing to do is to make a decision that you are going to stop. To get learn more about the

Before we get started, you must be aware that no article, even one here on EzineArticles can cover all you need to know about detox from alcohol. I will go so far as to suggest that you shouldn’t rely on what you read on the Internet. When approaching a subject as significant as your health, please take it seriously. This article is for your edification but you must see your doctor is you are contemplating detox from alcohol.

There are some basic steps your doctor will take you through. We will review them here and I hope you learn something in the process. This will make you better informed when you see your doctor. If you are reading this for a loved one then the information will come in handy there too.

The Six Steps to Consider During an Alcohol Detox

• Are you a daily drinker? If so, detox is more challenging.

• Do you drink through the day? Again, harder.

•Are you taking a sedative (benzodiazepine like valium or xanax)? Much more dangerous?

•Do you have a history of seizure(s)? Risky during withdrawal from alcohol.

•Do you have a history of high blood pressure or heart problems? Dangerous during withdrawal.

•Do you have a history of bleeding from the gut (ulcer, bloody stool)? Vomiting can be dangerous here.

Another thing to think about is your vitamin status. Drinking lots of alcohol can reduce your intestine’s ability to absorb the B vitamins. During early withdrawal your brain is in additional jeopardy if you are also low on levels of the Bs.

So in summary, the steps to take when detoxing from alcohol (under a doctor’s care) are as follows:

1. Make a decision to go through with it. Don’t weaken your resolve by wavering.

2. Set aside some time to recover and rest. Your body will need to take it easy.

3. Monitor your body and blood pressure. If it starts to go up, seek help immediately. If you have chest pain or trouble breathing you need medical attention immediately.

4. You will lose fluids due to sweating, possible diarrhea and/ or vomiting. Keep up on fluids and electrolyte replacement.

5. Once you are through it (2-3 days for the worst part) never go back to drinking.

If you think the description above sounds familiar to you your are not alone. Many people are putting together the pieces of the puzzle and figuring out that they have a problem like the one we have been discussing.